About the Ottawa Museums & Archives Collections

The Ottawa Museums & Archives Collections web portal provides the combined online resources of the City of Ottawa Archives and the collections from eight Ottawa museums, including:

The website provides the opportunity to access and discover Ottawa's rich collective history and heritage through a search of the combined collections of local museums and archives. Learn more about the material culture of Ottawa and in the process find out more about a family heirloom or a local treasure, track down a particular photograph, trace your family tree or search municipal records.

The web portal provides the option of a global keyword search that will look at all of the available online records, or that of an individual museum or archive. More refined and specific searches are also possible through the Advanced Search function.

Each participating institution has its own individualized home page that can be accessed from the Collections Home page or by using the Advanced Search function. From there you can find out more about each organization and their particular collection. Feel free to browse.

The Ottawa Museums & Archives Collections web portal is continually growing. Updates to the website will be made on a periodic basis as further artifacts and record holdings are described. The visual content will grow as we digitize our photographic holdings and visually document archeological pieces and museum objects. We invite you to check in periodically to see what's new.

Contact information is available for each organization on their individual web page within the website.